Graham Campbell

Teachers - Elementary - Grade 4

About Me

Communication preference – Email (campbellg@fsd38.ab.ca)

About me

  • Interests
    • anything outdoors (climbing, hiking, skiing, fishing, picnics with my family, biking, skipping rocks, skateboarding, mountaineering etc)
    • Playing music on guitar, piano, ukulele, or just singing my heart out.
  • Family
    • Married to my very patient and understanding wife
    • Two kids (2.5 years old and 5 months)
  • Teaching beliefs
    • I believe that nature is the greatest teacher and I endeavor to make connections with nature a main cornerstone of my teaching.
    • I use the outdoors to bring the curriculum to life for students.
    • I believe in community based education that is hands on with real world application.
  • Media for you to check out if you would like more Mr. Campbell (I think a better idea would be to go outside and climb a tree rather than look at a screen though! 😊 )

Grade 4 nature based educator

Grade 4-6 Outdoor Education

Westmount School