CPIP - Invitation for Proposals

Classroom Practice Innovative Projects (CPIP)

Collaborative teams of staff, students and parents of Foothills School Division are encouraged and invited to submit proposals for the Classroom Practice Innovative Projects Grant from Foothills School Division Board of Trustees. Proposed innovative and creative projects must meet the criteria outlined in this application and be aligned with Foothills School Division mission, beliefs and commitments. The Board of Trustees governs by holding space so that our students, and all that support them, can flourish!

Foothills School Division Board of Trustees is committed to improving opportunities and learning for students. As part of the work in continuing to promote and support student learning and innovation which is aligned with divisional goals, the Board of Trustees has committed $1 million dollars over 5 years ($200,000 per year) to projects and practices that optimize student learning, achievement and success. The timeline of this initiative is from 2016 – 2021. There have been many great projects over the past three year and we anticipate many more creative and imaginative projects over the last two year of this program.


Our Mission 

Each learner entrusted to our care, has unique gifts and abilities. It is our mission to find out what these are…Explore them... Develop them... Celebrate them!


Our Beliefs

  • Each child is a learner and deserves the opportunity and supports to achieve optimum learning.
  • In learning opportunities that set high expectations for all learners to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally.
  • Designing safe, caring, welcoming learning environments ensures an inclusive culture with acceptance and belonging for all.
  • Ongoing learning and critical reflection ensures quality teaching and optimum student learning. 


​Our Commitments

  • Foster a culture of belonging
  • Design Intellectually engaging learning
  • Develop competencies
  • Ensure students are literate and numerate
  • Design assessment and evaluation to support student independence and self-efficacy in their learning
  • Collaborate as a learning community to support each learner’s success



  • Submitted proposals must describe the project and how it will positively impact student learning and support innovation in learning and teaching.
  • Proposals need to include:
    • A project description and action-research question
    • A description of alignment to school goals, system goals and priorities, the FSD Framework for Learning or Alberta Education Learning Competencies.
    • A description of project impact on student learning, achievement and success (Staff / Student outcomes: what they will know, understand, and be able to do because of this project.)
    • A description of project desired results and outcomes
    • Collaborative team members, structures and strategies
    • A research / literature overview
    • A data analysis overview
    • A scope and sequence of the project with anticipated timelines
    • Anticipated project resources required
    • A detailed proposed budget and plans for tracking and reporting expenditures, as well as, description of how funding and support of project will be sustained after CPIP funding has finished
    • A description of what performance measures and evidence will be used, in evaluating impact on instructional practice and student learning of this project?  
    • Details of how the project will build capacity and collective efficacy amongst Staff? Students? Parents? Community?
    • A description of opportunities for collaboration and participation? How do you plan to share with others in your school, the division, community?
    • A description of how student voice, choice and perspective will be included?
    • Strategies for sustainability and transferability of instructional practice and student learning once CPIP funding is no longer available.
    • A plan for documenting and sharing progress and impact on instructional practice and student learning. This information must be communicated to a variety of stakeholders including FSD staff, Board of Trustees, students, community.  
  • All technology purchases must be approved by the Director of Learning Technologies for accurate costing.
  • Opportunities to make application for CPIP grants will be ongoing throughout the year occurring in October, February and May.
  • Opportunities for ongoing updates, review and feedback from the CPIP committee will be provided to support the success of the project, three times throughout the year (October, February and May).
  • With the goal of developing collective efficacy, participants in the project will demonstrate a willingness to share best practices across the division. Successful applicants will share their learning journey and present findings and results to FSD stakeholders.
  • Collaborative teams may be comprised of intra and/or inter school staff and students, as well as, external partners and resources.
  • CPIP projects will be celebrated and showcased regularly using a variety communications and media sources. Project teams will be contacted by the FSD Communications and Public Relations Manager to celebrate progress of projects throughout the year.
  • Proposals may be submitted by any FSD staff, students or parents for consideration once initial approval has been received by school administration.
  • Up to a maximum of $30,000 per project/per year (or spread out over multiple years). 
  • All projects will be assessed by the committee on the evidence of the above required elements.
  • Further information may be required by the committee upon review of the proposal.
  • It is advisable to obtain feedback on your project proposal from your administration, instructional coaches/learning coaches and/or Directors from Learning Services, as well as, the CPIP Committee prior to proposal submission.


Download CPIP Application Form



To be considered in the next round of CPIP funding, please submit your applications no later than Tuesday October 15, 2019.  Future opportunities to make application for CPIP grants will be ongoing throughout the year occurring in February, May, and October.




Caroline Roberts, Assistant Superintendent Learning Services
403-652-6512  |  robertsc@fsd38.ab.ca