Grade 7-9 First Aid/Kayaking Unit Update

For those students who have paid to take the first aid certification/testing, you will have to do some independent work this weekend.  Your final test will include all material from Chapter 1-7, up to page 34 in the work book.  Take some time to read ahead and start studying for this upcoming test as we will have limited classtime to go through much material next week.

Starting on Monday, February 27, our Standard First Aid program will currently be delivered to our Grade 7-9 students as a PE option has been arranged through Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine (RMAM), (for only those students who have selected this option.)The students’ $60 course fee that is charged will cover the costs of the student work booklets, completion of the test and for the two kayaking sessions that are being offered at the High River Aquatic Center. Without payment, students will not participate with kayaking, or receive the first aid booklet and hence would not be eligible for official certification.

The dates for the kayaking sessions will be Monday, March 6, Tuesday March 7, Monday March 13 or Tuesday March 14.

As we are delivering this program through RMAM, there are 3 qualifying standards that students must achieve in order to receive their official Emergency First Aid Certification.

  1. The first is that students must attend all sessions but may be excused with one absence. For those students attending the band camp from March 6-8, there will be some additional classes held during lunchtimes/early mornings to deliver the course content/material.
  2. The second is that students must demonstrate all relevant hands-on skills during the practical skills test.
  3. Finally, students must score a minimum of 75 % on the written test. If students do not achieve this standing, they will have a second time to rewrite this test on their own time which will be offered during the morning of Tuesday March 21 from 7:00-8:00 am.

 Practical and Written tests will be completed during classtime on Thursday, March 16 and if necessary on Tuesday March 21 between 7:00-8:00 am.