Outdoor Leadership Mandatory Parent Meeting

Wednesday, February 15 from 7:15 until 8:45 pm

Dear Parents,

We have just started our second term of Outdoor Leadership for the 2016-2017 school year and I am very excited as we have many new adventures on the Westmount horizon.  By now your child should have shared several important pieces of information with you.  The first is that there will be a mandatory parent information meeting on Wednesday, February 15 from 7:15 until 8:45 pm.  It is division policy that we host a face to face parent meeting to share information regarding our planned activities and two overnight trip details, the first to Elk Lakes Hut on May 15/16 and second, our backpacking trip on June 1-3/2017.   During this meeting I will share our learning objectives for the term, all relevant trip dates for the year, details for the overnights trips, discuss parent volunteer opportunities, have you sign all of the required paperwork for the term and collect the program course fee of $265.

Without your attendance at this meeting, FSD policy will not let students participate on the overnight trips.

For many of you, its always a pleasure to see your smiling faces again and for our new parents to the program, I look forward to meeting you face to face for a first time.

Kind regards,
Steven Kotowich