The kids have been busy doing all sorts of pumpkin activities!  On Friday they got to participate in the k-3 SPARK.  It was all afternoon and it was all about pumpkins.  They got to investigate real pumpkins, taste pumpkin pie and learn pumpkin poems.  Today they did a directed drawing of a pumpkin and learned how to use oil pastels and watercolor paint to color our pictures.  Tomorrow and Wednesday the kids can wear their costumes to school.  Tomorrow our grade 6 buddies will be putting on a bunch of Halloween themed activities for us, it should be lots of fun!  We have also been using the Halloween themed pictures on our calendar to learn about patterns and numbers.  Ask your child what the pattern on the calendar is (hint: pumpkin, candy corn, candy corn, pumpkin, candy corn, candy corn, etc)  Have a great night:)

Ms. New