Welcome to Kindergarten

Hello everyone!  Welcome to kindergarten!  We had a great first week at school.  The kids all did really well learning the routines and had lots of fun playing with the toys.  I have a bit of information to share with you...

  1.  This week each child received a "take home bag".  This bag is to stay in the backpack and will be used to send work/notes to and from school.  We will always put any papers from school in this bag and you can do the same if you have notes or money coming from home.  Each morning I will have the children bring me their bags and I will check them.  Please do the same every night when they come home from school.  If you lose the bag we have plenty at school that we can use to replace it or feel free to replace it with one from home.  
  2. We have been having some issues with my blog but Tech Services has now fixed that.  Take a moment to subscribe to my blog, using the instructions on the email sent out from Sheena Johnston. I will be blogging most days of the week with any information that you need.  
  3. Next week we will be starting with our normal routines of meeting at the playground in the morning and after school.  Next week also begins the normal routine of 2 days a week with alternating Fridays.  I will try to remind you on the blog which class is coming on Friday.  Please be sure to check your schedule to see which days your child comes.
  4. I unfortunately have to be away Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week to attend a family funeral.  I have an excellent guest teacher coming in who has spent a lot of time in kindergarten.  Some of you may know her as she is often subbing in our school.  Her name Mrs. Casey.   Ms. Char will also be here so the kids can look for her.  I will be back on Thursday.


Thank you so much for a great first week of school.  Also, thank you in advance for your patience with the blog and with me having to be away.  I am sure the kids will do great!  Have a great weekend:)


Ms. New