Family Traditions Homework

Hello 1D Families,

We are learning about family traditions in social studies. I am sending home 1 page homework sheet today. Please send it back completed for this Monday.

See below for a description of the homework.

Family Traditions

Please discuss with your child some personal family traditions. Have your child draw a small detailed picture of some of your traditions. He/ she can write a sentence/ a few words to help them talk about their traditions. We will be discussing our family traditions on Monday, so please send the completed form back on Monday.

A family tradition is:

  1. The handing down of beliefs, stories and customs from generation to generation, especially by practice.

  2. something that is handed down from generation to generation (e.g., furniture, jewelry, religious beliefs).

  3. a customary or characteristic method or manner of behaving (e.g., having a brunch on Sunday).