3-Ellis Math Clean-up / Heads-up

Parents; be aware that we cleaned up our Numeracy Books today by taking some items home; mainly our Subtraction Strategies Booklet and some adding and subtracting work. Not all of the work was necessarily finished, nor marked. As it is with our Word Work, we typically get lots to keep us busy, but we don't all finish everything, nor always mark everything. 

If your son or daughter has some un-finished work, see it as practice at home, and check it as well to see for yourself their capabilities with this stuff. We should all have triple digit addition WITH re-grouping, down packed. If you notice that your son or daughter is struggling with that, have them practice at home, and review it with them. In subtraction, we can ALL align by place value and subtract. However, we've just begun a real focus on the re-grouping (borrowing) with subtraction, so not all of us have mastered that just yet. Give us time, and we will.