Sight words!

Today the kids made their own sight words flashcards!  We chose 5 words and the kids wrote them down on recipe cards with a volunteer.  We have put them in a ziploc labelled sight words.  These are for the kids to keep at home and practice with you.  Sight words are words that kids should be able to read by "sight".  They are often hard to sound out or do not follow regular spelling patterns.  They are also the words that kids will see with very high frequency in the books they are beginning to read.  So, if they are able to recognize these words easily it makes reading so much easier.  There are only five to begin with but please feel free to make more flashcards on your own at home and add to your bag.  You could add words such as, in, it, his, for, all, be, my, have, etc.  There are lots of fun ways to practice these words.  Hang them on your fridge and read them every time you walk by.  Use chalk or paint or markers to practice printing.  Use magnetic letters on the fridge and practice spelling.  It doesn't take long before they will automatically begin to recognize them in books!  Happy reading!

Ms. New