3-Ellis for Tuesday March 6th

Hi families! Welcome to Tuesday.

   Wow! Thank you families for participating in the Read-Athon. School wide we raised over 5k. That is a tremendous amount of money that will be used to improve our programming and gear.  Thank you.  In 3-Ellis we had a 3-way tie between Avynn, Finn and Haedyn. So, I guess we will have THREE students who will be teacher for the afternoon. Now, really……is that supposed to be a reward? Darn hard work I’d say. These kids don’t know what they are getting themselves in to! I guess I can just go home that afternoon! 

   Today, we were reflecting back on term 2 by looking at some slides, listening to some songs and reflecting on the topics, projects and work we have been doing. We are gearing up a little bit for our Learner Profiles (fancy word for report cards) and for our Student Led Conferences coming up NEXT Wednesday. See our school web-site for instructions as to how to sign up for a session.

    As we wrap up our Journey Through India unit, we are working on making our own travel brochure. Our last topic was on Fashion. We learned about the sari, the Punjabi suit, the bindi or tiki, the dhotis, the hijab and the burka and the turban. Did you know that the word pajama comes from India and means leg (pa) and garment (jama)?

    In math we are making bar graphs of our times table and division quiz results. We’ll show those to you (mom and / or dad) on student led conference night.

   In our literacy this week, we will focus on alliteration (a great big word) and we will make our own tongue twisters ( all though we’ve been so busy we have yet to embark on this, but we will begin tomorrow).

    Finally, in Science, we are about half way through our round of sound centres, where we are applying some of the neat things we have learned about the science of sound.

    Next week Elo will bring in another book fair to the library. We can shop next Monday and Tuesday, and then purchase on Wednesday, during school hours and also during student led conference.

   Have a great week. Enjoy the warming trend (and slush).