3S Epp

Dear parent of 3S,

We are excited as our field trip to the National Music Centre will go ahead tomorrow.  Students need a lunch (no ordering from Cub Cafe) and a water bottle.  They may wear runners to school tomorrow and can leave their snowpants at home as they will not be playing outside and will be more comfortable in shoes than boots for the day.

Parent supervisors coming with us on the trip can come into the room with their child in the morning for attendance and to be assigned groups.  Parents meeting us at the Centre should arrive at about 9:30.

Students do not need to return their library books tomorrow, as even though it is day six, we will not have library.

Students will have a Math test on Monday about adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers.  They will have a review to study on Thursday evening and the test will closely resemble the Chapter review.  It is also good practice for students to do any questions that they haven't completed or correct some that they may have done wrong.

The read-A-Thon was a great success!  


Mrs. Epp