5N- Important Assignments and Conferences

Hello 5N Families,

Our student-led conferences are happening next Wednesday, March 14th. Please make sure that you have signed up for a 30 minute time slot so that your child can share the learning they have been doing lately at school. This is a very valuable time for you to encourage your child in their learning and hear about what they have been working on and accomplishing at school. 

We have a few big assignments that students are working on this week. Students have had time to work on both the social studies and science assignments in class over the last week and are now expected to finish whatever work they have remaining, at home. In science, students need to write about their weather measuring device and their design process. In social studies, students are writing about the diversity among First Nations in Canada. Both assignments have a checklist to go with them so students know what is required of them. Both of these assignments are due this Thursday, March 8th. Thank you for your support at home ensuring that students finish their work in time. 

We will have one more assessment for multiplication and division this Thursday, March 8th with the two operations mixed together. The intent of the division homework sent home over the weekend was for practice purposes only. If your child was unable to finish, they should continue to work on it until they are confident with long division. The mental math strategies are simply another way to solve division questions. Students need to be comfortable with at least one strategy for larger divison questions- either with the long divison algorithm or mental math. We will be moving on to a new topic in math starting Monday and will only briefly be re-visiting multiplication and division throughout the remaining months of school. This is an essential skill for Grade 6 and beyond, however, so those students still struggling to master either operation need to be working on it on their own time.

The Usborne Book Fair is coming to Westmount! It will run from Monday, March 12 until Thursday March 15. Please plan to visit it during school hours or in the evening of Wednesday March 14, before or after your child’s student-led conferences.

Thank you again for all of your support at home and for those of you that have already booked a conference time for next Wednesday! 

Mrs. Noelle