5K March 6th

The Indigenous Shelter project is well underway. We will have the rest of the week to work on it at school, but then unfinished projects will need some home time to wrap up (over the long weekend). A great way to divide the work would be to focus on the model of your shelter at home, and then work on the information and maps at school! 

A few weather instruments still need to be finished up and brought in. We will also have a Weather quiz on Thursday to wrap up that topic. A great way to help prepare for this would simply be to ask students questions about the weather, or ask students to talk about what they know. 

Division is tough! Many students could use extra practice and/or tips at home to help us learn how to divide 3-digit numbers - we're just starting out so give us some time to think about it before jumping in! 

Student-Led Conferences, to celebrate our learning so far this year, are coming up next Wednesday; please sign up for a time to help prevent crowding! The link is on the Westmount website!

The results of the Read-A-Thon are in:



Grand prize winner #1:  

Thomas in Grade 7 picked $200 in gift cards to the location of his choice! (Division 3) raised the most at $325.00

Grand prize winner #2:

Jake in Ms. Harrison’s Grade 3 class picked Calgary Flames Tickets! (Division 1) raised the second amount $274.00

Grand prize winner #3:

Ethan in Mrs. England’s Grade 4 class gets to have lunch and principal fun with Mrs. Glaicar and Ms. Swanson! (Division 2) raised the third most at $260.00

Grand prize winner #4:

Alexis in Ms. Hollingsworth’s Grade 5 class gets to have lunch and principal fun with Mrs. Glaicar and Ms. Swanson! (Division 2) raised the fourth most at $235.00


Classroom winners (teacher for the afternoon k-6):

Ms. New: Lochlan

Ms. Mayer: Renee

Ms. Parisien: Devon

Mrs. Deguire: Eli

Mrs. Webb: Sydney

Mrs. Norrie: Verity

Mr. Ellis:  3-way tie: Avynn, Finn, Haedyn

Ms. Harrison: Ava

Mrs. Epp: Dawson

Mrs. Maciejewski: Thea

Mr. Campbell: Kali

Mrs. England: Drew

Mrs. Noelle: Kayla

Mr. keller: Daylin

Mrs. McKellar: Jocelin

Ms. Hollingsworth: Karis


Thank-you to ALL who participated, who didn’t participate but read a little more than usual, and to teachers and parents for loving reading and supporting this amazing fundraiser to support learning and programs in our school!  And thank-you to all of the lovely helpers who helped count the money!