Sunday, March 4

Hi Families of 1P,

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Looking forward to next week, here are some reminders:

- Book orders will be due on Friday. Just a reminder that parents are able to place their order and pay online.

- Student led conferences are on March 14th. You are able to sign up for a time at this link: https://westmount.schoolsoft.com/login.jsf?logout=true. There are 6 time slots per half hour from 4-8pm. 

- Library is on Thursday this week so make sure to send in your books sometime this week.

- There is no school on Friday for students so Hot Dog Day will be on Thursday this week.

- If there is any pledge money for the Read-a-thon that has not been sent in, please send it in by Tuesday. :)

This week we will be working on the beginning, middle and end of stories to comprehend the events in a story. We will be looking at what is in a good beginning of a story and maybe even starting to write our own. We are continuing to work on addition and working on solving addition word problems. We have started our shape unit and we are working with 2D shapes and 3D objects in our environment. In science, we have been working on identifying and describing different building materials such as wood, plastic, rubber etc. This week we will begin building different structures and identifying what makes a good structure as well as identifying different man made and natural structures. In social studies, we will be doing work around urban and rural communities. In health, we have been working on the zone of regulation and how we can regulate our own emotions when we move out of the "green zone". 

See you tomorrow!