5K March 2

Don't forget to sign up for a time slot for Student Led Conferences on the 14th! 

Students may wish to work on their First Nations Shelter projects over the weekend - please know that we will have quite a bit of in-class time to work on these, but there is nothing wrong with getting a head start!

We have been working hard on improving our Division skills - dividing 2-digit numbers and getting Remainders. Practice is ALWAYS a good thing, we should be able to figure out any 2-digit number divided by any 1-digit number - let us show you! (Parents will be happy to recognize "The way we learned it when we were in school" as one of our main methods!). This practice will be really helpful when we move on to *3-digit* dividends next week! (eek!)

Time is running out to order Westmount Gear! See the Westmount Website for details/links!