5N- Division Assessment Monday

Hello 5N Families, 

A reminder that this coming Monday, March 5th, students will be doing a small division assessment to see where their understanding is at with dividing triple digit numbers by single digit numbers (e.g. 456 divided by 3). Students have been assigned five division questions to finish at home this weekend to practice their division strategies including "long division". They have also been asked to bring their math notebooks home to assist them in practicing and remembering the steps to long divison. 

Students have been working hard this week to build their weather measuring devices and write about their process and how their device works. Students that were away today or that have not completed their write-up must complete it by this coming Monday, March 5th. Assignments are on Google drive and can be accessed by students signing into their Google accounts at home with the same email and password they would use at school to sign into the Chrome Books. They have a checklist of the questions that need to be answered in the write-up. 

Thank you for your support at home in ensuring students are caught up on understanding and work completion. 

All pledge money from the read-a-thon must be returned by Monday as well. 

- Mrs. Noelle