Letter E

Hi everyone!  Welcome to March!  This week we worked on the letter E.  Today the kids drew an Easter Egg for E.  It's a little early but we figured that's okay.  We also decided that we might need some mini eggs to have to go along with the letter E.  If you are out shopping and don't mind sending in a package of mini eggs we would love it!  We have also really been working on using manipulatives to count groups of objects.  We even got into a little bit of addition!  These are some smart kids:)  Our buddies have been teaching us how to play board games such as snakes and ladders, trouble, guess who, etc.  It has been some great learning.  During this time the kids are working on subitzing numbers 1-5, counting with one-to-one correspondance, taking turns, following the rules as well as many other things.  I could use a couple more board games if you have any that you are not using anymore:)  Have a great weekend!

Ms. New