Friday, March 2, 2018

Hello 4M Families, 

I am so excited to get the clearance from my doctors to be back in the classroom part-time with Ms. Leather in the other half! I will be teaching in the mornings from 8:35 until 11:55 and Ms. Leather is in from 11:55-3:15. 

Mornings will be spent on social studies, language arts, and our health (7 Habits) curriculum. Afternoons will be focusing in on math, sciences and art. I feel so lucky to have had, and continue to have Ms. Leather in with the students and that knowledge has taken a huge stress off my shoulders knowing "my daytime kids" are being taken care of so well!

In social studies we are beginning our inquiry learning around the question, "How can we demonstrate an appreciation of how Alberta's fossil heritage contributes to the province's unique charter?" We kicked that off with some exploration of some trilobite fossils I recieved from my Dad when I was on leave. Moving forward we will be looking into how Alberta's fossil hertiage and toursim are connected. If we have any parents, siblings or grandparents that are experts in the field I would love to have you come in and share! 

In Language arts I will be infusing a lot of our inquiry into the reading and writing component as I present students with news articles related to the topic, research projects, new vocuabulary etc. on the topic of paleontology and archeology in Alberta. 

I am looking forward to seeing you in the near future!