5K March 1st

We have started a project about First Nations and Inuit culture based around what we have learned about their historical ways of life in class. Today's Blanket Exercise was an amazing way to help us start to gain a deeper understanding of that culture, and how so much of it was lost during colonization. Make sure you ask the students about their experience today! They should be able to do most of the work in class, if they use their time well, but may want to work on it at home and/or need some supplies for their model of a First Nation dwelling. 

Our weather instruments and slide shows are due tomorrow - we are going to take them outside and see how they work (should be a good chance to test weather instruments!). 

Tomorrow is Hot Dog Day.

It’s that time of year where we have Student Led conferences coming up. They are scheduled for Wednesday March 14 from 4:00 – 8:00 PM. For Kindergarten to Grade 6 we will be using the conference manager for parents to sign up for a time slot(there are 6 times slots per half an hour). The conference manager will open to parents tonight to sign up. Link: https://westmount.schoolsoft.com/login.jsf?logout=true

A group of 5K girls has entered the Technovation Challenge. They need your help! (You may have also received an email about this - one response is enough, thankyou!)

We are a group of students taking part in the Technovation Challenge and we need YOUR help! We need as many people as possible to complete our survey to help us understand our target audience. It shouldn't take very long and the data will be anonymous! Thanks for helping us out!