3-Ellis Tuesday, February 27th

Welcome back from your winter break. I hope everyone had a marvelous week. A few things to note;

  1. Thank you thank you thank you….ten-fold, parents and kids for a marvelous Valentine’s Day, way back last Wednesday. Boxes and cards and treats and everything. What a great example of what “giving” is.  And thank you to parents who supplied treats (and weren't asked) to EVERYONE in the class that day, on top of Valentine’s Day box treats. Thank you. 
  2. Tomorrow is our official school wide PINK DAY. Wear something pink, if you can. No worries if you can’t. We won’t bully you!! ; ) 
  3. Field trip on Thursday is a go. Phew. We had a mix up today with busses, and so the other grade three classes did not end up going. Talk about resilient; they handled the disappointment beautifully. So, as a result of that “bungle”, 3 Harrison will join 3-Ellis on Thursday ( and 3-Epp will go next Wednesday). That means our bus will be very full. Parent volunteers ( I have contacted you all by phone) we hopefully should have enough room on the bus for EVERYONE. The kids can triple up. This is legal. However, just be prepared (if they send us a smaller bus) that we might have to get a “pool” going at the last second. Not likely, but a slim possibility. I have requested a big bus; hopefully we will get one!
  4. Taste of India last Friday was excellent. We had butter chicken, basmati rice, naan, fresh mangos and chai tea. Thank you for your toonie contributions.
  5. In math, we have defined what multiples are, and how they effect division. In grade three our division of numbers will only focus on the multiples, therefore we don’t really look at remainders. However, the kids know all about it. We know that we can divide 10 into 3 groups, it’s just that you won’t get equal groups UNLESS you split the ONE remainder into……..drum roll please……..FRACTIONS!!!   or DECIMILS.  However, we don’t really touch that when dividing in grade three. Parents, please continue to review multiples (skip counting) with your kids and how it relates to multiplication, and how this in-turn also relates to division. Cool, but kind of tricky stuff.
  6. In Literacy, as we begin to wind down our unit in Poetry, we have been talking about metaphors and similes. I guess that’s why our class was LIKE a zoo today!!  NO!!   Actually, our class WAS a zoo today!! 
  7. And last but not least, the Read-Athlon ends this week.  Thank you kids and parents for your participation is this  fund-raiser.

And parents and kids, thank you for all you do.  You are shining diamonds in a sea of light!  You are, over the moon and the stars. You are like a dream come true. You are worth a BILLION dollars.  You are shining GOLD!  Have a great week!  Break a leg!  : )