5M- February 26, 2018

Hi 5M Families,

Welcome back after the February break. It’s lovely to see the students so refreshed and energized!

Today we planned out the next few weeks, and students have a lot of the activities in their big rocks folders. Please ask to see their weekly to do lists and their month-to-month calendars!


Some important things for this week:

Wednesday Feb 28th- PINK SHIRT DAY to support anti bullying. We are encouraging students to wear something ‘pink’ to show they have the power to eliminate bullying. Today we discussed the power of the bystander and what to do in situations when we see, hear or feel bullying. We will continue these conversations throughout the year- but will really focus in on this topic this week.

Thursday March 1st- THE BLANKET EXERCISE. We will be experiencing the blanket exercise from the First Nation perspective with members joining us from Eden Valley. Each student will need to bring in a blanket for this activity (it can be big or small).


Our Learning:

Language Arts: We will be moving away from narrative stories and into expository writing and how to justify our perspective as we write. We will be continuing to work with our spelling words and understand the pattern and rule. Students are continuing to read for the Read-A-Thon, with pledges and fundraising due on March 5th.

Math: Decimals! When we use them, why we need them, what they mean! Students will be looking for decimals in our everyday lives and will start to work into the tenth, hundredth and thousandth place value. We will also be examining the similarities between decimals, fractions and percentages. Students also have their math graphing sheet from the Read-A-Thon due on March 2nd!

Science: Classroom Chemistry will begin once we finish our last weather experiment tomorrow! Students are very excited for this unit!

Social: European colonization and the impact of settlements in Canada.

Health: Anti Bullying and standing up for what is right!

Art: Still life sketching (with texture and detail)


Looking Ahead:

March 1st- Outdoor Adventures Snowshoe Trip

March 9th- PD Day

March 14th- Student Led Conferences from 4-8pm

March 23rd- Report Cards sent home

March 29th- Early Dismissal for Easter


Challenge Question for students:

Examine the following and come to Mrs. McKellar with the number that is missing!

4.635, 4.735,  ?    , 4.935, 5.035


Thank you for taking the time to read the blog!


~Mrs. McKellar