Monday, Feb 26, 2018

Happy Monday!  I hope everybody had a great week last week!  How is the reading?  We have TWO MORE DAYS with our READ A THON!!!!!  WOOHOO!  All pledges can start coming in on Thursday, March 1.  Monday, March 5 is the last day for pledges, and pledge money to come in after that will be too late to qualify for prizes.  

We are working on INFERENCING while we read.  Inferencing means:  you make conclusions based on hints from the book, but it doesn't specifically tell you.  We are working on problem-solving in multiplication and division!  We will have an assessment on Thursday.  In Science, we are preparing for our final project with "Wheels and Levers" and we will build a catapult on Wednesday.  Kids made a plan today based on criteria we made together.  Some kids will need to bring supplies from home.  These supplies must be here for first thing Wednesday morning, as this is when we get to go to the CTF room to build!  

These will be the supplies provided to us:

Dowelling – square and round

Popsicle sticks (small size not tongue depressor)

Wood scraps of many sizes


Plastic spoons







Coping saws

Glue guns & glue sticks


(No elastics and springs)

Our next unit is "Building Simple Machines!"  We will take all of our knowledge from this last month and BUILD.  :-)

Wednesday is Pink Shirt Day

See below if you want to buy Westmount Swag:

Westmount Clothing For Sale
Limited Time Only!
Place orders between Feb 8 - Mar 4 on the website linked
on the Westmount.fsd38.ab.ca website or
- Price of T-shirts $20 Youth and Adult sizes (Women
cut in adult sizes only).
- Price of Hoodies ATC youth/adult ($35), ATC
youth/adult poly fleece ($40), Russell adult only ($50)
- Price of Sweatshirt Russell crew neck (adult only) $40
- Prices of Sweatpants - Gildan youth/adult( $30),
Russell sweats (adult only) $45
Be sure about the size you order as we won’t be switching
out sizes that don’t fit after the orders are placed.
All orders will be delivered to the school for pick up.
When placing your order, do not send it to your home
address. You will not have to go to the store to pick it up.
We will notify you when the pick up date will be.


Have a super night!