Friday, Feb 16, 2018

Happy Friday!

We are bringing home our cars today!  We tested them and had a blast!  Please ask your child what they would change to make it faster and straighter.  Then ask what they would keep the same!  Please have them explain where the axle, casing, force and load is.  :-) 

We did a reading comprehension test today, and we also taught our buddies how to play board games.  In Music, we got our recorders.  

No school next week.

Pink Shirt Day is on Feb 28.

Catapults:  Next week, when we get back, we will be creating catapults for our final assessment.  These are the supplies that we can provide.  If your child thinks other supplies from home are needed, they will have to bring it for Wednesday, the 28th.  We will be studying and planning our catapults on the 26th and 27th!

Here is what we have at school:

Dowelling – square and round

Popsicle sticks (small size not tongue depressor)

Wood scraps of many sizes


Plastic spoons







Coping saws

Glue guns & glue sticks

Not included – rubber bands


Don't forget to practice your multiplication tables!  

And don't forget to READ this week!  The Read-a-Thon is going strong!  Take a look at this inspirational song you may or may not recognize:

Yo VIP, let’s read it!

Read, read baby

Read, read baby

All right stop

Collaborate and listen

Wimpy kid’s back with a brand new edition

Excitement grabs a hold of me tightly

I wish I could read both daily and nightly

Will I ever stop?

Yo, I don’t know.

Turn off the lights, I guess so.

To the extreme, I’d read a book with a candle

Light up my room, the thought of not reading I can’t handle

Read, read baby

Read, read baby

Have a great week next week!