5K Feb 15th

One more day before the break! Not that Mr. Keller is counting!

Today, we learned about the many instruments that weather forecasters (meteorologists) use to measure weather phenomena and predict future weather. Now, we are going to create our own weather instruments that can measure two weather phenomena. This has been assigned as (hopefully fun!) work over the break, but please just let Mr. Keller know if this isn't feasible. We will also have a final day to test/finish/photograph when we come back from the break. The assignment pages can be found on the Google Classroom page (students will need to sign in). Don't forget to take pictures as you progress! 

It would also be a huge help for students to continue drilling basic multiplication facts over the break (and now, try reversing them as division questions such as: 45 divided by 9). As always, students should also continue to read daily - don't forget to record your minutes!

Tomorrow is Hot Dog Day (and dismissal is at 3:15, as usual). 

Don't forget to visit the Westmount Website for information on ordering some awesome Westmount clothing before the end of the month!