Happy <3 day

Thank you so much for all of the beautiful cards and treats, we had a wonderful afternoon together. 

Just a reminder the field trip forms are due tomorrow morning!! 

Also, a Toonie to taste...

As we complete our study of India, we will be having a taste of some Indian food. Cha Cha John's is giving us a wonderful deal and providing the food at the minimal cost of a Toonie per student.  Students will receive basmati rice, butter chicken and Naan bread, Chai Tea, and fruit for desert.  The food is Gluten Free (without the Naan Bread) and it is nut free, but the Butter Chicken is not dairy free.  Please send a Toonie for a taste if your child will be participating in the "Taste of India" this Friday.  Thank you, The Grade Three Team


Have a wonderful evening and I hope the sugar bugs are all worn off! 

- Miss. Harrison