3-Ellis for Friday, February 9th

Hi families; welcome to Friday!

  Some paper came home today; field trip info and consent form; subtraction strategies review sheet; two-line art, and henna.  Our field trip will be on Thursday March 01st to Studio Bell in downtown Calgary. In math we have finished up our Subtraction Strategies book and we will quiz “your” learning on that next week.  This week we had a quiz in math on money skills as well as our division by two quiz today. That means that we are ready for our three times table next week! That’s is where the “rubber meets the road” for some of us, because, one’s time table is easy; two times table is just doubling; division by two is just “halving”. Those are nice and relatively easy concepts for beginning our learning process with multiplication and division. The three times table might take a bit more effort to memorize. Next week we will review our learning on rounding numbers (so review that) and we will apply that to estimating while adding and subtracting larger two and three digit numbers.

    In Social Studies this week we were learning more about some of the customs and traditions of “some” of the east Indian culture. We learned about extended families, arranged marriages, dowries and in some cases (largely rural) the preferential treatment of males over females. We learned about India as a leader in some of the technology industries, especially computer, but also in some of the high tech industries such as aircraft manufacturing and robotics.

    In Science we looked into the ear (almost literally) while we learned about the outer, middle and inner ear, and how sound waves travel through the canal and set things to vibrating; Kind of like a chain reaction that goes from the outer ear, to and through the bones in the middle ear (hammer, anvil and stapes (or stirrup) and on into the cochlea (snail) and auditory nerve of the inner ear. Mr. Ellis lost his hearing ears ago ( I mean years ago) when his stapes bone became unattached to the other ear bones. These can be replaced by surgery with titanium “prosthetics” (implants).

    In Literacy we are working on writing (and reading) poems. Do some “creating” yourselves over the weekend……like some of you already have. Make some valentine’s day cards for your class mates too; and don’t forget to decorate an empty Kleenex box and bring it to school on Monday!

  Went for a winter walk today, had some fun along the way. I chased you and you chased me, then we sat underneath a tree. Went for a winter walk today, had some fun along the way.  Can you sing it? Can you add to it?

   Thank you families for participating in our Read Athlon fund raiser. Read, read, read!

“ I love books and books love me, let’s go down to the library.  Maybe one book, maybe two, “hey, take me home says Winnie the Pooh. I love books and books love me, hey let’s go down to the library”.

Have a wonderful weekend. See ya on Monday!!