Think outside of the box Thursday!

Happy Thursday! 

We have had a busy week as I have been away getting 7 habits training! The course was amazing and the productivity of the class while I was away was comparable. They are troopers. 

Today we talked about thinking outside of the box, stretching our minds to understand and practice creativity. We started the day with a thinking excercise where students were required to build the tallest tower, the catch was students were not able to talk if they wre builders or touch if they were planners! Our towers turned out AWESOME!!! Talk to your child about the problems we have been faced with and help them get their gears turning! 

Our class has the privelege of going to the National Music Centre on February 27th. The permission forms and information will be coming home Friday, please return the forms by Thursday Feb 15, 2018. I will be taking the first 4 parent volunteers that contact me so please let me know if you are able to join us it will be alot of fun!!

Don't forget Hot Dog Day tomorrow, and thank you for sending your kids to school dressed for the weather. We actually did have fun outside in the blizzard! 

Have a lovely evening, and keep reading!!!!  

Miss. Harrison