5N- DARE Grad reminder and other News

Hello 5N Families, 

A reminder that our DARE Graduation is happening tomorrow morning at 9:45am in the Learning Commons. Parents are welcome to come and celebrate and view students' work. 

Our read-a-thon is well under way! Students should be keeping track at home of the amount of time they spend reading (on their own, with someone else, or being read to). Students should also be actively seeking out pledges from family and friends to support our school during the read-a-thon. As an extra incentive, students will receive a Calgary Flames card for every 100 minutes they read. You will see the "tickets" attached to the pledge sheet. Please make sure an adult has initialled the ticket before sending it back to school so we can sure the minutes were actually spent reading. 

We have been working on multiplication in math and will be having an assessment on Tuesday, February 13th for students to show their understanding of multiplication. Students will need to be able to multiply two digit by two digit numbers (e.g. 43 x 67) in a variety of ways and explain their strategies in depth. They have practice sheets they have been working on in class and they are encouraged to spend some time over the weekend using the sheets as practice for their prepration for the assessment. Alternatively, parents or siblings can give students two double-digit numbers to multiply together using the following strategies: box, cluster, algorithm, array. 

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- Mrs. Noelle