Thursday, Feb 8, 2018

Happy Thursday!

For the few kids in here who are in Outdoor Adventures as a Spark, remember the parent meeting is tonight at 7:30pm. 

Scholastic is due tomorrow. 

There are Valentine Candy Grams on sale tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday:  They are $1.25 and can be bought at lunch for a friend/sibling/other...They will be delivered on Valentine's Day!  How is the Read-A-Thon going?  Tomorrow is our Library time, a great time to cash in your tickets for Flames Cards.  Please initial them, some kids have been claiming to read 500 minutes per night.  :-)  Don't forget Multiplication tables and a box of some sort for tomorrow!  

Hotdog day is also tomorrow!  

Please ask your child how rollers make their lives easier.  

The school is once again selling Westmount Clothing!  Check here for details:

Hello all,

We are selling Westmount Clothing for a limited time only! Please place your orders starting Friday, Feb 8th at spydesignonline.ca

Some people are asking for a class list for Valentines Day.  I have to check with Mrs. Glaicar to see if I am allowed to provide names.  There are new rules all the time.  Also, we won't be having a specific party for this day, but if your child would like to bring Valentine's, they are more than welcome to distribute them at lunch time!  We will be spending the afternoon doing some car racing, more info to come tomorrow!  

Have a GREAT NIGHT!!!!