Good morning students, Today is Thursday, February 8th and I have 2 pieces of important news for you:

1. Your Reading Class Current Events Summative Assignment DUE DATES are listed below:

Group A: Wednesday, February 14th

Grouo B: Monday, February 12th

Group C: Tuesday, February 13th

Please ensure you have completed all your printing BEFORE you get class on the day your assignment is due. These are the follow items I would like you to print out before you hand your assignment in:

A) Your written responses to questions 1, 2 and 3. (Found on your Google Docs) 

B) Our class rubric (available for you on Google Classroom)

C) A copy of the article you have chosen to complete your project on. (Either print the article right from the website you found it from OR copy and paste the article into a Microsoft Word Document to then print)


2. Students, next reading section class (Group A: Wednesday, February 14th, Group B: Monday, February 12th, Group C: Tuesday, February 13th)

You will be having a short in class reading comprehension quiz. There will be no studying for this as it will be an inclass quiz, very similar to the formative ones we have been completing each day since the beginning of January.

**Make sure to bring a pencil, eraser and at least 2 different colored highlighters with you to class.