Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Happy Tuesday, Families!

***All Recorder forms must be in tomorrow.  

***Shoe boxes with names must come in by the end of this week!  We are building with them next week!

***Winter Walk is tomorrow!  Please dress for the weather.  

How is your reading going?  How are your pledges?  Keep it up, another few weeks to go!  

Ask your child for examples of First Class, Second Class and Third class levers. Please ask your child what the easiest way was to get a nail out of wood, and to remove a screw!  What is important about where the fulcrum and effort is?  

Ask your child about what Geographic region they would live in if it was one hundred years ago!  They should tell you about that area's climate, jobs, food and geography!  We will be writing a detailed essay about this for our report cards!  This will start next week!  

Have a super night!