News from 2N

Hello 2N families!

Tomorrow is our Winter Walk.  We gather in the gym for a rally and then bundle up and walk the Terry Fox route.  It takes about 45 minutes.  PLEASE dress your student for the weather including snowpants, hat, mitts, boots

It is a schoolwide walk and such an excellent way to spend time as a school community.

We will have a Valentines Day party on Wednesday February 14 in the afternoon.  I will send a list home with the kids of the first names of their classmates.  Please send Valentines for all kids in the class to celebrate our day.  If you wish to send treats we appreciate them.  There are 24 kids in the class.

Thank you for volunteering for the Inuit field trip.  We have:  Jasmine, Kylie, Cindy and Carissa.