Weekly Update for Feb 5 - 9

Good morning Parents of 4C!


I hope that you have heard the story about me lifting a piano over my head with one hand by now. If you have not heard about that, you should ask your son or daughter about why I will be referred to as “his excellence” this week, and why I will be taking the kids X country skiing for an afternoon sometime next week too J I hope that everyone stayed safe through the snowfall on the roads yesterday. My Dad reported seeing 34 vehicles in the ditch or in an accident when he drove on the Deerfoot yesterday. We were busy doing powder laps in our backyard on Fishers sled :)


The COP ski trip is tomorrow!  The students that are going will need to be at school NO LATER THAN 7:30. We will do a gear check and get ready to load the bus.  Here is the info that you need.


Arrival Time at Westmount:  7:30 am (don’t be late!)

Bus Departure from Westmount:  8:00

Depart from COP:  3:00

Return to Westmount: 4:00-4:20, could be later depending upon traffic

Students MUST bring all medications that they require.


Come dressed for the day.  Bring your ski wear/gear, bring a backpack with your lunch and snacks or be sure to bring your money to purchase lunch.  Remember to leave all electronics at home!  As this is an OE trip, If you are found with a device, it will be removed from you and returned at the end of the day.


Here is a look at the week ahead


  • COP ski trip
  • Monday Basketball intramural league


  • Winter Walk day (Starting at 1:00)
  • Wednesday Basketball intramural league


  • Hot dog day


Here is a look at the week in academics


Language arts

  • Students completed one paragraph last week from one perspective, and they will complete a second one this week from a different perspective.
  • The read-a-thon is in fll swing. Students should be logging minutes, and reading like crazy!

How can I help as a parent?

  • Read with your child in the evenings.
  • Have your child show you their RAZ kids account online and allow them to use it daily.



  • The students got some hands on experience with levers last week!
  • We will continue to explore simple machines and their applications in our world.
  • The end in mind with this unit is that the students will create a device that makes life better for someone using simple machines.

How can I help as a parent?

  • Find simple machines around your house (hammer, screwdriver, wheels, bike etc) and investigate them with your child. How does the object make work easier?
  • Ask your child about the labs we do in class! Have them explain the concepts to you as we explore them.



  • The students have been split into groups to help them get what they need in the multiplication and division unit.
  • They also started a “Fast Fact” challenge. We completed the first one last week, and will do them throughout the next several weeks.

How can I help as a parent?

  • Have your child practice their basic facts at home. Printing off a mad minutes sheet, or even doing it online before dinner each day would be a great boost for your child in this unit. You can find sheets here - http://webmathminute.com/online  
  • Have your child go online to play prodigy a few times during the week. Please remember that I do not want kids to be on there for hours. It should not be longer than 20 minutes at a time. After that, send them outside to go make a snow fort! :)


Social Studies

  • Students will continue to work on writing from the different perspectives regarding the land in Alberta. This will mostly fall in Daily 5 time this week.

How can I help as a parent?

  • Ask your child to share their writing with you. Ask them what emotions they put into the writing pieces for the different perspectives, and why.


That is about all for this week!


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.


So long for now,




Graham Campbell (Aka “His Excellence”)


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"In wilderness lies the hope of the world"