3-Ellis for Friday, February 2nd

Hi families! Welcome to Friday! Brr.  A cold one. But we did manage to make it outside for the pm recess.

 2learn.ca is our ATA website. If you go to this site, you will find some great on-line resources. Just click the grade 3 tab, and then the subject you want on-line activities for, and you will find lots of cool things. WE spent some time exploring the Hearing and Sound content under grade three science. We have thus far covered the basics of sound, such as frequency and frequency waves, pitch, volume, amplitude, vibration and conduction of sound through liquids, solids and gases. Next week we will look at the production of sound (voice) in the human body (and other animals) and we will look at the anatomy of inside the ear.  The 2learn site has lots of great interactive web sites listed.

   Hopefully you received the info letter re: SS and religious content. Our focus thus far in India has primarily been geography and weather. Next week we will move into some of the cultural content.

    In our Daily Math today, students had an attempt at making their own bar graph. We also did our two times table quiz. Next week we will focus on division by two.

    In word work, we are on week number 16. This week in our work on writing, we were introducing poetry. We’ve been reading some pretty funny poems by Shel Silverstein.

   Today in Health, our focus was on anxiety and stress and what it is and what causes it and what effects it can have on your mood and your body. It can make you feel sick, sad, mad, stiff, sore tummy and it can get in the way of your thinking sometimes, if' it's too much. and then you do things that you might normally not do. Then, we looked at different "strategies" you can do to help yourself over-come it, if you are feeling too much of it. It's kind of odd, because we agreed that it's normal and natural, and even healthy to feel a little bit of anxiety. It can even make you do better at something, as long as it's not too much. 

  Yesterday, our guest author was Michael Wade, author of the "And Then It Happened" series. He was a great speaker with a great message. He was speaking to us about the power of words. And maybe, just maybe, Mr. Ellis will be in his next book; thanks to NATHAN!!  

   And finally, in art today, we looked at the power of line, and what you can do with, just two simple little lines! Wonderful work kids! You are so creative! And no two alike! 

   Have a great weekend. Stay warm out there!