3S Epp February 2

Michael Wade was a great speaker and encouraged students to stay in school and to write!  He read us some hilarious parts of his books and even a story he is working on that might be in his next book.  For those who ordered his books they should arrive at our school next week.  I ordered a set for the classrroom as well as I know the students are keen to read them!

In science today, we discovered information about hearing and sound.  Using the website www.2learn.ca it is a wonderful educational website by the Alberta Teacher's Association that has curriculum links to all subjects at all grade levels.  It is a free and safe website for kids to go on and it can also be accessed at home.

Students are working on addition of two and three digit numbers with re-grouping in Math.

In Language Arts we are almost finished Mr. Popper's penguins, with only one chapter to go on Monday.  Students have been working really hard on finding the main idea of each chapter and three or four supporting details.  They are also working on looking up some of the difficult vocabulary words in their dictionaries or on the computer or I-Pad dictionaries.

Remember to sign your students reading cards verifying that they have read for 50 min. before they can claim their reading prizes.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Epp