Letter O

This week we worked on the letter O.  Both classes drew an octopus for the letter O.  We have also really been working on circling words and touching them as we read them.  Have your child read their Snow book to you!  Many said to me, "Ms. New, this book is too big, I can't read it."  But then they did!  The first step to reading is being able to read a patterned story.  This means that the only word that changes is the last word and usually the picture will tell you what this word is.  We also learned a new math game this week.  We used the big foam dice (from the dollar store) to practice subitizing numbers.  In kindergarten kids are supposed to be able to subitize up to 5.  This means that they can recognize an arrangement of numbers without counting.  The most common arrangements of numbers are on dice.  We played a version of war, where the kids had to roll the dice and whoever rolled a bigger number got a point.  Any games that use dice are a great way to help improve kids number sense.  This weekend try playing a game that involves dice.  I also sent home the new February reading log.  A note about the school Read-A-Thon also came home.  Please read through it carefully.  You could keep track of minutes read on the Feb. reading log sheet.  Another sheet came home for homework also.  It is about your family.  As part of the I Am Unique unit I am hoping that each of you will fill out this sheet with your child and send it back.  It will help to show how each family is unique and how we all belong to a family.  Tomorrow is hot dog Friday for the class.  Have a great night:)

Ms. New