3-Ellis Tuesday January 30th

Hello families and welcome to Tuesday!

 We are half way through the school year! Yahoo! Time flies when you’re learning and having fun. Our Word Work books were pretty full so we took them home yesterday, so we can get new ones. Parents, be aware that for our Word Work, I generally give much more than enough practice work for the kids to do each week. Rarely will students finish the entire 6 pages that they get. Some will, but others won’t even get close. We have great diversity in our class and thus the range of fluency is great. Please don’t be alarmed if you discover that your son or daughters work is not even close to being finished. They work at a pace that is right for them. So, feel free to use those unfinished pages as extra practice at home! This week we are on week 16 of our Word Work words.

 We began a new unit today in our Literacy work on poetry. We will spend most of February exploring, learning, creating, listening to and having fun with poetry. It’s vast and rich. It can make us laugh and cry; scream with excitement or frown and sigh; sing and dance, think of romance; leap and fly, watch time go by; make us feel young or make us feel old; poor or rich, brave or bold. Feel up, feel down, wear a golden crown; brave and strong or right and wrong.  All though we don’t know it, we all can be poets! So, today, we started by making an acrostic title page (which doesn't rhyme at all!!)  ; ) 

 In math, our subtraction strategies are mirroring our addition strategies. Tomorrow we’ll look at the reverse of Ten Partners in subtraction. This week we are focused on the two times table. Please know it by memory if you can. Be able to visualize it with a picture too.

 In Social Studies we will begin to look more into the culture and beliefs and practices of the East Indian culture. Parents, be aware that the Guidelines to Education allow parents to exempt their kids from any religious topics. I find it almost impossible to teach about India without learning a little bit about Hinduism. Thus, we will explore some of the beliefs that Hindu’s have. From my perspective, this just promotes understanding and hopefully, respect. I do this sensitively and objectively. However, should you wish that your child not receive this “education”, then let me know and I will find some alternative materials for him or her.

  In Science today we were looking at sound waves and trying to figure out if the wave was a low or high frequency, and / or a low or high amplitude (volume). 

   It sounds like our school is about to introduce a Read-Athon. Elo gave us some information about this during our library period today. More information on this topic will follow soon.

    Enjoy the remaining warm day….while it lasts!  Winter returns. Ready for a cold blast! (Now, that rhymes!!).