Happy Tuesday I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, it sounds like everyone has been getting a chance to spend some time outside and enjoy the pockets of sunshine the last couple of days. We did a little bit of this today by taking our grade 1 buddies outside to read on the playground! 

The weather is supposed to change in the next week so it is important that you send your kids to school with layers and gear! The playground is very icy so keep that in mind when choosing footwear and mittens to catch you if you fall! 

This Thursday Febuary 1, Grades 3-6 will be able to enjoy a visit with Michael Wade the author of the "And then it happened” series. Parents are welcome to join us and the series will be available for purchase at the school during this time! The presentation will begin at 1:00.

Starting tomorrow we are going to be focussing on self regualtion and zones of regulation as a standard behaviour reference in our class. The different skills will be introduced using my favourite books "What Do You Do With a Chance" and "What Do You Do With A Problem." 

I encourage you to continue to practice subtraction flashcards as we are working on our fact fluency in a fun game of Around The World. The better we become at our facts the further we will beable to travel around the world. This week we will be looking at addition strategies and review and move towards repeated addition and multiplication in the near future!!! 

Have a beautiful evening! 

-Miss. Harrison