5K Jan 30th

New Sparks classes (Term 2) will start this week, on Friday. Please check with your student to make sure they know what they got into, and contact Mr. Keller if there are any concerns. 

We will be holding our DARE Grad on Friday, February 9th - Parents are welcome to join us to celebrate our completion of the program! We will be celebrating in the Learning Commons (Library) at 9:45

The COP Ski/Snowboard trip is next Monday, February 5th! Make sure you check over the handout from way back in 2017! Here are the key details:

Arrival Time at Westmount:  7:30 am (don’t be late!)

Bus Departure from Westmount:  8:00 am

Depart from COP:  3:00

Return to Westmount: 4:00-4:20, could be later depending upon traffic

Come dressed for the day.  Bring your ski wear/gear, bring a backpack with your lunch/snacks or be sure to bring your money.  Remember to leave all electronics at home!  As this is an OE trip, If you are found with a device, it will be removed from you and returned at the end of the day.