Community Project

Hello 1D Families,

I sent home a letter today outlining a research project that your child will need to complete by Monday, November 5. The students have had the assignment explained to them. They each have their own unique building to research. There is a planning sheet on the back of the letter that the students will need to bring back to class on Monday. You may help your child fill in the plan, but he/ she should probably draw a small picture so that they can read their research notes. Taking a picture on your phone and then printing it out the photo might be helpful.


Monday, January 29, 2018

Dear Parents.

We are currently working on identifying the important features of buildings.  We have talked about shapes, colours, special features and kinds of materials used to create buildings. 

The Grade 1 teachers are linking this science unit to our social unit about community.  We have talked about a variety of landmarks in Okotoks. Students have chosen a landmark they would like to investigate further. Their family project is to visit or look online about their chosen landmark.  We are asking that you use the checklist to identify specific features of their landmark. They should also have a drawing or picture of their landmark to use for building their landmark in class.

Your child chose _________________________________.

Please see checklist to help with planning the project.

This planning sheet will be due back Monday, February 5. 


Thank you,

Grade 1 Teachers











Landmark Checklist



Building Materials Used




Special Features

Special Features



  Text Box: Drawing/Picture of Landmark