Poem of the Week

Sorry for the delay 1D families--this week's poem is:  The Chubby Little Snowman

Just as a quick review, the poems and activities should be practised for 3-4 days per week for about 10 minutes.

The high frequency words in the poem are sight words that the students should learn to read quickly and fluently. These words are in many English texts. Many of these words don't follow traditional sound out rules. There are 5 different sight word lists (called Dolch Words). There is the Pre-primer (pre-kindergarten), Primer (Kindergarten), Grade One, Grade Two and Grade Three list.

Being able to read these high frequency words will likely improve your child's reading level. If you're child is still having difficulty reading these words quickly (within 1-3 seconds of seeing it), consider putting the words on cue cards and practise reading them, or write 2 sets of the same words and have your child play a game of concentration.

Soon, I will be checking to see how many of these words your child can read.

I will take a picture of our Word Wall and post it (so you can see what words are up now--more words are added weekly). I add new words to it each week that connect to our Poem of the Week and Science/ Social Studies topics. Your child should be able to read these words. We practise reading them a few times a week.