Grade 1Mayer

Thank you to Mrs. Carroll for being my guest teacher this afternoon while the Grade 1 teachers planned.

The students were busy working on building structures in Makerspaces with Ms. Elo in the learning commons.

Please note:

  • New February Calendar home today.  On their leader day, each child should bring a picture or drawing of an animal. They should also have 3 interesting facts about that animal. This should be secret to their classmates. We will be playing a game of 20 questions to guess the identity of the animal.  We are practicing asking questions and using our background knowledge of habitats and descriptors of appearance in animals.
  • Scholastic book order home today. Due date is Tuesday, February 13.
  • We will be using some recycleable materials to build a structure.  We will need toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls and gift wrap rolls. We will also need medium to small boxes (e.g., cracker, cereal and tissue boxes). Please collect these things(don't break them down) and then send them into the school.