This week

Hi everyone!  This week we worked on the letter A.  We have also really been working on printing names in lowercase letters.  The kids are really improving at this.  We did our January page in our monthly book.  Today our grade 6 buddies helped us learn to print the numbers.  The buddies used a whiteboard to teach the proper way to print the number and then the kids practiced in their rainbow numbers book.  The kids are bringing home their rainbow number book today.  Some are finished and some are not.  If your child is not finished would you please help them to finish this weekend.  We also started working on sight words this week.  In our "Chester" book the kids had to look for the words "his" and "loves".  Practice the word his with your child this weekend.  You could have them print it, spell it orally, or look for it in books.  Next week we will focus on a couple more sight words.  Our in-school field trips are on Monday and Tuesday.  If you said you could volunteer please come and if you can, be here for 12:30.  Thanks so much!   Have a great weekend:)

Ms. New