Wednesday January 24th 2018

Hello Grade 4 Families,

I'm would like to FINALLY say my hello to all of you and say that your children are truly a pleasure to teach! As you probably know already, but if not here goes, my name is Ms. Leather and I will be covering Mrs. Maciejewski's leave for the time being. We have been working on so many fun and exciting thing!

Social Studies: Over the last 2 weeks we have been discussing what it means to have a different viewpoint or perspective of the world. We have been focusing on the viewpoints of the Metis, First Nations, and European Settlers of Alberta and their very different viewpoints of land. We have been working hard to understand that each of these people had a viewpoint of land that was more than just the physical land but also the emotional attachment to land that these people may have felt. We are now starting to develop a plan for a Visual Journal entry that will depict all three different perspectives of land. you may have seen some planning sheets floating around your homes, but don't worry they were not homework just a few eager beavers! 

Math: In math we have been practicing our Multiplication and Division skills. I had intented to practice these skills fully (one week each) and move forward, but as a class we thought it would be best to take more time to thouroughly strengthen our skill. We are struggling with 0-9 math facts. It would be benificial that your child practice these skills by rolling two dice and multiplying those number together! This would be excellent practice!! 

Language Arts: We have been spending time working on new words and useing them in scentences. We have developed great dictionary uses and are able to independantly find, and define, words within our dictionaries! We will be practicing some more solid paragraph strategies over the next few days which we will then use to develope our Visual Journal entry. 

Science: We are VERY excited to move into our Wheels and Leavers unit! This will begin next week with the introduction of Lab's! 

If you have any concerns or questions about what we are covering in class or any othere questions you may have for me please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone! 

Ms. Leather