Grade 1 Mayer

Thank you to the parents who were able to help with our building activity yesterday.  The students had a great time using their knowledge of building and creativity to construct an enclosure for their animals.  These enclosures went home today.  Please talk to your child about their ideas and the materials that they used.

Tomorrow is the start of our new show and share.  Each child should bring a picture or drawing of an animal. They should also have 3 interesting facts about that animal. This should be secret to their classmates. We will be playing a game of 20 questions to guess the identity of the animal.  We are practicing asking questions and using our background knowledge of habitats and descriptors of appearance in animals.

Please note:

  • Nature presentation by Mr. Vickers about wild dogs; foxes, coyotes, wolves and cougars.
  • Hot Dog Day tomorrow
  • Library book exchange
  • No school for students on Friday.  PD day for teachers.