Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Hi Families of 1P,

This week has flown by! Just a reminder that we do not have school Friday so Hot Dog day is tomorrow! Library day is also tomorrow so bring in those library books.

This week we had our special in class field trip with Teacher's Pet. Zookeeper Kris came in and helped us build our animal enclosures, we had a lot of fun with her! Thank you again to the parent's who came in and volunteered, it was a big help!

We are into our reading groups/routine now. These groups are important as each lesson/day builds on the day before. If possible, please make sure that your child is on time/at school so they are not missing anything. That being said, there is a flu going around our classroom, which has hit quite a few kids in our class. We have been really working hard on keeping our classroom as germ free as possible, washing our hands and work areas. This week I sent home new RazKids logins, if you did not get one, send me an email. Remember to keep practicing reading and our sight words!

In math, we have began to get into simple addition and skip counting by 2's, 5's and 10's up to 100.

In social studies, we will begin to build our very own version of Okotoks in the next two weeks (the kids do not know yet). We will brainstorm buildings we would like to build/are important to Okotoks and then each student will be in charge of one building that they choose. I will be asking for parent's to either take their child to that building/look at it online, to see what colours and shapes. Tomorrow we will brainstorm these buildings and then next week a letter will be going home with the building they choose. With that being set, I have quite the collection of building supplies but if you can send in anymore recycling (boxes, toilet paper rolls etc.), that would be great!

Have a great night!