Willing Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! We are almost at the end of our short week. 

Just a reminder that it is Hot Dog Day tomorrow and no school Friday! 

This week we have been focussing on relationships in class and had a reminder about zones of regulation. Today we kept track of our willingness to help others and include others in our play and work. Yesterday we focussed on taking care of our environment and own actions. Next week we will be starting a series of lessons on zones of regulation and managing our feelings towards others drawing on these themes. 

We have been busy learning about how sound travels through different states of matter and experiencing what life is like in India! 

Reading and Math are always at the top of our to-do list and as we are working towards subtraction fluency I encourage you to be practicing subtraction facts at home so we can improve our accuracy when working with larger numbers... and to help with our fact competition and around the world games!  

Have a beautiful evening, enjoy the sunshine! 

- Miss. Harrison