3-Ellis Tuesday, January 23rd

  Thank you parents for supporting and assisting your kids while they added to and edited their Pet Rock stories. These stories were fantastic first attempts at the story writing process. We will re-visit this process in the late spring. Today, we had a hand at typing these stories into a Word Document, so we could share them with everyone on the SMART board. Unfortunately, (as usual) the technology wasn’t acting too SMART today, as the common drive seemed to have disappeared. None-the-less, we did manage to type some of our stories up and save them on the individual computers. We learned about some of the more common typing skills, such as posture, hand-position and auto-correct. Wow! Who needs spelling anyway??  Well, maybe we all do. Can’t seem to rely on the technology.  We also marveled at the fact that some people can type as fast as a person can talk!

  Welcome to division! Kids; please define division for your parents. Kids, please draw a picture of this equation;  20 divided by 4 equals ??  Now show your parents how you can figure it out, EVEN if you haven’t memorized the answer. This week our focus is on division by one (as last week our focus was on multiplication by one). This will be our method until we are finished up to division (and multiplication) by six! Tomorrow we will introduce our Subtraction Strategies booklet.  The kids are also working on addition practice work sheets when they have finished their other work. Two sheets went home today; one involved no re-grouping, the other involved re-grouping. Parents, some of this work will be incomplete, as it is an “extra” that not all of us get to each day. However, do check it over and review it with your kids and have them finish it up at home. We will work on this addition daily for about another month, and then we will begin on the practice work with subtraction. It’s a little trickier.

  In Hearing and Sound the kids should be able to tell you some of the sound basics, such as what is sound? How does it work? How does it travel? What “mediums” does it travel in? Are there mediums in which it does NOT travel. How fast does it travel? What’s a vibration? How many vibrations make up a musical note? What do I need to do to the note to change the vibration (think of my guitar)? What happnes when the vibrations per second change? What is pitch? What is frequency? What is a sound wave? What is volume? What is amplitude? We’ve covered all of this. Ideally the kids can recite most of this to you. 

  And finally in SS, we are still looking at the land of India. Next week we will begin to look at their culture and way of life.

  Thank you again for keeping our content alive and well at your dinner table. Please continue to engage in these conversations with your kids about their learning, and please, as always, contact me if you have inquiries or concerns.