Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

I apologize for the technical issues setting up the BLOG under my name. I have been eager to introduce myself as I am very excited to be working at Westmount school while Mrs. Wurz enjoys her new baby. Upon arrival I have been working very closely with all staff to ensure the transition on content and assessment is smooth.

So far we have started new units in both Science and Social Studies where we are learning about hearing and sound as well as travelling through India. I encourage you to ask your children about the interesting conversations and learning taking place within these subjects. In Daily 5 reading groups I am introducing a Novel Study, Freckle Juice by Judy Bloom. We will be exploring the different elements of text such as characters, setting, predictions, summaries etc. Please be aware that I will be sending a note home with details on the final novel study project in coming weeks. In Math we have been continuing to practice addition and subtraction strategies and will be moving on to work with 3-digit numbers very shortly. Ask your child to show you how we practice subtraction and strategies using dice and dont forget to keep reading, stay tuned for the reading challenge coming up in our school! 

In addition to the curriculum I would like to share with you my active approach to teaching, I am a very strong believer in movement and engaging students in learning experiences. I strive for a culture of joy in each lesson that I design with the intention of having your child thoroughly understand topics and concepts they are working with. I hope to inspire your child in the time we spend together and encourage them to be passionate about school and their dreams.

Please contact me should you have any concerns this year, I believe we are partners in education and learning does not only take place in the classroom. I look very forward to working with you.


Enjoy your evening!

Katie Harrison