3-Ellis Friday January 19th

Hello families! Welcome to Friday.

Wow! So, Mr. Ellis does send home some homework; rarely though. The kids took home their WOW books. They have been working on their Pet Rock stories. This is their first attempt this year, and perhaps ever, at writing a real story. But, we are still looking for some writing that is a story and thus is somewhat entertaining, has a beginning, a middle and an ending. Many of the kids said they were done. Some said they weren’t. This weekend, their task is to finish up this “somewhat” rough copy of a story by making totally sure that;

  1. ALL (we mean ALL) sentences are properly punctuated with capitals at the beginning, periods at the end and NO random capitals floating about in the middle of the sentence (remember proper nouns need a capital and thus they are NOT random). Spelling is also something that you can look at (but leave it to the very last. It’s not an essential item when initially creating stories using print).
  2. Your title and your first paragraph are ATTENTION GRABBING.
  3. Your story has some dialogue (it doesn’t need a lot of dialogue) that is shown by the use of quotation marks that are at the beginning and the end of the dialogue.
  4. Your story is entertaining and ideally has a few little parts of rising and falling action (problems encountered and problems solved) BEFORE the big BOILING POINT (formerly called the climax).
  5. Your story has an ending (but you might want to leave us “hanging” too, IF you are going to continue it later. You don’t have to write a long story. Just two or three pages will do.

Parents, these are the kid’s stories. But you can help them by having them read it to you or a sibling. Maybe you can give them an idea or two, but don’t take over. I have four kids. I know the temptation all too well! But, parents do please help them with their punctuation. The kids should know how to recognize their own sentence punctuation errors. They are proficient at correcting un-punctuated work sheets. But now they need to catch their own errors. Help them out with that.  Next week the kids who have done this work will type these stories out on the computer. The kids who haven’t will just keep working on it. We will probably pull them up on the smart board and have some fun reading them for the next while. Don’t forget parents, this is their first attempt, so keep it positive. After this little introduction to stories, we will re-visit the process in May and June with some intensity.

JOY! In math we had our first multiplication times table quiz today. We will do this each Friday until the end of the year. This week, it was multiplication by one. Easy easy. Next week it will be division by one, easy easy. But the kids understand the definition and the process, so when it gets tougher, it should still be solvable. Kids, repeat and remember by heart your definition of multiplication. We also expanded our math vocabulary with three great big words today; perpendicular, parallel and intersecting lines. We also added the word CONGRUENT to our vocabulary (or at least I hope we did!).

Okay; I think that covers it. Oh, one more thing; can you have the kids bring in some toilet paper or scot towel paper cardboard “thingies” so we can build some kazoos!  Thanks!

Have a great weekend!